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Associazione patrocinata dal Mibac, Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali.

Trasparenza Legge N.112/2013 ART.9




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Is it more difficult to describe the feeling we have toward something we truly love or the ones for a temporary infatuation? If the object of this question is the place where somebody was born, it is easy to understand how the love you have for something you know really well is not easily described, because it's contradictory a mixture of different things that tell our story and who we are. The two coreographers, through this project that they will develop while in Taiwan, will try to explain what being an islander means, creating a parallelism between the two islands. They come from an island and it does not matter if the island's name is Sicily, as a matter of fact it could be any other name. All the islands are similar: place surronded by sea, if you were born there you will know that wherever you look at the end you'll always finds the sea and it's fom there that the people arrive, people travelling by water in search of new lands, new port, new house. The islands'history is full of arrivals of people coming from the mainland, thereforetheir ihhabitants are used to be very hospitable and when it's their time to leave the islands, their herat sink and crossing the sea is like leaving forever. The performance is inspired by gestural expressiveness used as a communication tool. Gestural expressiveness is also a language as dance and smoke and fire signals are. And, as every other language, it is a system of signals which has a code whose grammar must be known to both sender and recipient. As every other natural or artificial language, gestural expressiveness is used to represent the thinking process. And, like languages, which are the preferred communication tool by humans, it is widely used. But in order to represent their own thinking, different groups use different gesture. The same gesture can have different or opposite meaning according to the cultural heritage of a specific group. Gestural expressiveness is not used a lot in certain cultures while it is very important in others. Sicilians belong to a group who use their hands quite a lot, and generally speaking their bodies as well, as a non verbal communication tool. Their tendency to use gestural expressiveness is very old and it is the visible aspect of their well-know tendency to talk which, throughout the centuries, has become a characteristic of their culture.

Cercasi Coreografi [WDA Europe]


After winning the first prize at the international contest “A.A.A. CERCASI COREOGRAFO”, organized by WDA EUROPE in cooperation with ITI/UNESCO, the two coreographers Salvatore Romania and Laura Odierna will stay three weeks in residence in Taiwan for a new coreographic creation that will take place at Tsyoing Theatre, in Kaohsiung town. In July they will go to Taiwan where there will be a meeting with other seven coreographers coming from different countries of the world and they will start a new creation project. WDA EUROPE is a world dance organization with the partecipation of the International Dance Committee of The International Theatre Institute of Unesco. It rapresents the main voice for all the dance in Europe and in the rest of the world supporting the protection of all the human cultural property. It organizes different cultural activities: meetings, competitions, festivals with all his members in Europe.

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